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The Shepherd’s Center of Chesterfield is a non-profit, inter-faith organization of senior adults who donate their time, talents, professional expertise, automobiles, gasoline, and other resources to help other senior adults remain independent in their own homes. It was established in August 2001 with the mission to enrich the lives of adults 60 and better by offering volunteer opportunities for community service and lifelong learning and to help them remain active and independent. Participants in our programs realize they are needed and valued and that they can continue to live lives that truly matter throughout their later years.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

Our Volunteers are the leaders in providing these services for the community of seniors. We believe in individual contact with our clients and take care to provide personal and courteous client services through our volunteers. We listen to our clients and adjust our services as appropriate. We also interact with other senior health organizations both locally and nationally to ensure our services are delivered in the most effective manner.

Our services and programs are provided through partnerships with churches of different faiths, local businesses and individuals. We are in direct contact with the seniors and the faith communities through our quarterly newsletter, our website, our speaker programs and our educational programs as well as local media services. We also rely on client testimonials and referrals to their neighbors and friends to increase our client base and volunteers.

  • Providing Free Transportation for medical appointments, pharmaceutical pick-ups and grocery shopping
  • Providing minor Home Repair Services to seniors living in their own homes
  • Offering low-cost continuing Educational Opportunities for adults to enrich their lives and enhance their personal, social, and mental well-being
  • Building a collaborative network with other regional organizations that serve the interests of senior adults.                                                                               

A pool of drivers volunteer their time making it possible to get to medical appointments and grocery shopping for those who do not drive, do not have a car or do not have access to public transportation.  Prescriptions can also be picked up on the return trip.

Should you need that ride to the doctor’s or for grocery shopping, please call the office at (804) 706-6689 at least seven (7) days in advance of the appointment.

The office will schedule a driver. The driver will contact the client to arrange the pickup time, etc. The service is free, however, donations are accepted.


Changing light bulbs, replacing faucet washers, replacing smoke alarm batteries, replacing faulty electrical receptacles, etc. are good descriptions of light maintenance.

We do not provide general contractor services, nor do our volunteers do yard work.

A pool of HandyHands volunteers donate their time to provide this service which is averaging almost 3 calls a week.

If you think HandyHands can help you, please call the office at (804) 706-6689. 

The office will schedule a handyman to contact you.  From discussions with the you, the handyman will determine the nature of the maintenance and materials required and schedule a time to do the work.

“Adventures in Learning” provides a variety of classes during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Senior volunteers, who are very knowledgeable in their subject matter, teach the classes. Topics taught include courses in hobbies, exercise, history, current events, self-defense, plus many others. Some classes meet for only one semester but many last through all three semesters in the year.

Typical classes include Knitting, Short Stories Reading Group, Film Studies, Watercolor Pencils, Mind Games, Drawing, Beginning Sewing, Quilting, Tai Chi, Line Dancing, Yoga, World War I & II, Herbs, Bible Study, Acrylic Painting, Strength Training, Nostalgia Music Group, and Let’s Talk Politics.

Most classes are at Chester Baptist Church, 4317 School Street in Chester. Classes meet on Wednesdays beginning at 9:00 a.m.

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