Ways your generosity has impacted local Seniors:

  • “For the clients you help us help, the free ride program, is literally, a lifesaver.  Without the Shepherd’s Center, many older people have no other way to get to medical appointments, grocery stores or pharmacies.”
  • Thank you note received: “I am 88 years old and live by myself in Chester.  I have no family and I am so thankful for the Shepherd’s Center.  The SC-C has allowed me to make my much-needed heart doctor appointments.  Without your wonderful volunteers, I would not be able to make any of my appointments.  I live on a fixed income and could not afford to pay for a cab to St. Frances to see my doctor.  Thank you!”
  • Note from a 67-year-old veteran. “It has been really challenging times for me and I thank you all so very much for your help in transporting me to my therapy appointments.  You are wonderful volunteers, with your courteous, polite and friendly ways.  I truly appreciate everything in getting me there and home in a safe and prompt manner.  I can never say “thank you” enough, but it’s a start.  Its people like you that make the world a better, nicer place and for this, one day I’ll be table to play it forward.  Again, I thank you. God blesses.”
  • A driver, Mr. D. was scheduled to pick up a client.  No one answered the door.  He called the Shepherd’s Center’s Call Center and they were unable to reach the client by telephone.  Mr. D. went to the Apartment Community ‘s manager’s office and they got into the home with a manager’s key. The EMS were called, and the client was taken to the hospital.
  • Another letter from a grateful senior citizen was received: “I am so thankful for the Shepherd’s Center.  You are all a blessing.  Thank you from me and for everyone being helped by your outreach to “help others” that are not able to do for themselves!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  May God, our “Good Shepherd” look down upon you.”
  • A call came in just this week from a woman who was requesting a ride to the doctor.  We were unable to schedule her twice in a week, we told her.  She said “Thanks so much anyway.  I appreciate the services you offer”.  She went on to tell the Call Center volunteer that her sister used the Center following a leg amputation and that our drivers made the difference between her staying in her home or moving to a medical facility.  Ms. A. told us she would be forever grateful for the services provided to her and her sister.